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Hi! I am not a customer of Jan’s, but I have known Jan and taken care of the majority of her equipment for the better part of a decade. Jan always strives to keep her equipment in top condition, fully calibrated to traceable sources and also is a great advocate for her own customers by doing everything she can to keep her equipment in the very best condition without wasting resources. Jan has also been a good friend over the years, we have never met, as our physical separation is more than 1000 miles, but I have certainly come to trust Jan ‘s advice and am proud to have her in my circle of friends. Jan is a people first person, she is steadfast in her beliefs but truly cherishes the differences in all people (and animals!). If you have any questions about Jan and think I may be able to answer – please contact me directly – I don’t offer this casually – Jan is one of the good ones! You can reach me through Jan. Using Jan will be one of your best decisions – ever. I am confident in that

Brian Stanhope

Finding them was a Godsend. Time is critical and a company in this day and age that can work out the inspections in a timely manner is worth it’s weight in gold. You can not challenge the accuracy of the findings. They are respected nationwide in that industry.

Winston Churchill

I have worked with Compliance Central and the team for over 10 years. I have always found Jan and her staff to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. The quality of their work is impeccable. The reports are always timely and complete.   I have been able to rely on Compliance Central for all of my IH needs.

Timothy Hermes

Awesome customer service, have used them for 11 years and never a complaint. I would recommend Jan Irvin and her team to any business.

Carla Clay

For many years our company has had the pleasure of working with Compliance Central; the quality of work, knowledge and professionalism from Mrs. Jan and her entire staff is unmatched. It’s not only the great service we receive, it’s the relationship we’ve built with Compliance Central along the way, it truly is a partnership. Compliance Central is highly recommended to anyone who’s looking to implement programs in their many areas of expertise or to drastically improve an existing program. You can bet any service from them will be top notch! Kevin Lansing

I have worked with Jan and her team since 2014 in an Manufacturing environment. The first time I schedule Jan to our site in came this little (and I mean Little) spitfire, full of life, energy and knowledge.

Since then, Jan and her team have performed Noise and Air monitoring, Audiograms, First Aid & CPR, and MSDS Data Collection. Her team has always been prepared, respectful of production schedules, and knowledgeable in all aspects of Industrial Hygiene.

When all of the testing is complete and the data is collected, I received an manual of results which allowed me to better understand the levels we are truly at to better protect our employees.

I would recommend Compliance Central to anyone who wants to get the job done right, and have the backing to prove it!


Customer service with a smile and will work with your schedule even last minute! Thanks CC!!!

Donna Dutcher

Compliance Central’s has provide services for audiometric and respirator fit testing since 2010. We are very proud to be partners with them as they have over the years grown to provide quality services at affordable rates. Whenever we have issues Compliance Central employees have responded quickly and efficiently to resolve. Curtis Modisette

I have used Compliance Central industrial hygiene and safety services for the past fifteen years. They have always delivered exceptional service. Jan Irvin’s knowledge and attention to detail have helped keep our employees safe.

Bob Mann

Compliance Central came out to our facility to do our Industrial Hygiene Monitoring which included area noise readings, personal noise monitoring, ventilations checks, and Hexavalent Chromium testing among other items. It was very easy to work with the owner Jan and she went above and beyond to get as much data as possible. Before and during the process Jan spoke about the Green book she would be giving our company which would be full of data to cover us in case of inspection. At the end when we went over the book’s content, I can honestly say she was not joking. There is a lot of information here to shore up any holes you might have in your Industrial Hygiene areas. Overall it was an excellent experience that didn’t feel like you were just dealing with a company’s representative, but a friend that cared about you and your company’s well being. I would definitely use Compliance Central again. Zane Morlan

Our company forced us to use [a competitor]. It was a fiasco. Is there anyway to get you guys back to our shops?


EH&S Manager

The experience we have had with the service of this company. COMPLIANCE CENTRAL is excellent professional, good customer service, the staff who work for this company are always with the best attitude they help with any change in the test schedule or to extend the time if is required. we have 12 years requiring this company services with complete satisfaction.
I sincerely recommend this company.
Thank you,

Maria Montoya

Really enjoy working with Jan and her staff. I’m glad to see they joined the real world in creating this easy to navigate website too, so the industrial world can see what services they can provide for you.

Lance Gordon