Industrial Hygiene

Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent


Compliance Central offers all forms Industrial Hygiene services designed to facilitate compliance with MSHA and OSHA regulations by providing onsite training and testing with accurate, reliable equipment.

We provide the following Industrial Hygiene services:

  • Noise Surveys
  • Air Quality Surveys
  • Ventilation Surveys
  • Heat Surveys
  • Illumination Surveys

Noise Surveys

Many of our clients often wonder “how the heck do I know if I need to do hearing testing, and who should be included in the hearing conservation program??”  This can best be determined by performing a noise survey.

Our noise surveys include a color coded contour map of the general background noise levels of your facility.  We will also select about 10-12 employees per day to wear noise dosimeters, which will quantify the noise exposures associated with their job on an 8 hour, time weighted average basis.

All data is pulled together in a facility friendly report that will let you know exactly where your problem areas are and who needs to be included in a hearing conservation program.  Our clients love these!

How often do you need a noise survey?  The regulation, 29 CFR 1910.95, states that a noise survey should be done anytime there is a change in the work environment such as adding or removing equipment, adding or removing jobs, etc., or at least every 2 years.  Since with most companies these changes are on-going, the best industry practice is to have a new noise survey performed annually.  Have you had yours this year?

Air Monitoring

Have you ever wondered if your employees are required to wear respirators? Be sure to ask us about our Air Quality Monitoring. When in doubt, ask Compliance Central and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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