Vision Screening


An employee that can see what they are working on, can perform there job more safely. We can provide both Jaeger Eye Chart and Titmus Vision Screenings.  We take into account the type and duration of duties performed, the equipment that is operated, and working conditions, to provide your employees with the best advice possible in regards to their vision.

When are Vision Tests Required?

A workplace vision testing and monitoring program should be implemented when employees are exposed to many of the visual hazards in the workplace, including but not limited to:

  • Hazardous substances;
  • Excessive Computer usage
  • When vehicle operation is required

We operate two testing vans to provide our clients with first-rate audiometric testing services.   Each van is equipped with state of the art equipment and well-trained technicians who carefully monitor each testing session in order to get the best possible results each time.


  • Audiometers – Tremetrics RA650 Microprocessor
  • Maximum Seating/Testing Ability – 8 tests/session: 2 sessions every 30 minutes
  • Background Noise Levels – Background noise levels are well below applicable levels. Background noise is monitored by an OSCAR VII bio-acoustic monitor which automatically pauses testing if background noises exceed ANSI standards.   Additionally, the audiometers are designed to pause/alarm if the test subject responds to anything other than the tone presented.
  • Air Conditioning –  18,000 BTU keep our van at 68 on the hottest summer days
  • Power Supply:  220V

If you are currently not testing your employees, consider doing so now: it might save lives! Investing in vision testing will help your company avoid injuries and incidents, save time and money, and maintain a safe, healthy, and productive workforce.