Respiratory Compliance

Don’t be a fool, USE THE RIGHT TOOLS. 

Do any of your employees have to wear respirators??  We can handle it in a snap! We can help to ensure that all the requirements of 29 CFR.1910.134 are being met.  Compliance Central provides up-to-date, worksite safety training services to meet all of your regulatory requirements. Our Safety training can be customized to fit your specific needs. Compliance Central’s safety training classes combine hands-on experience with all of the most up-to date content.

We can provide you with all the right tools:

  • Annual Respiratory Protection Training
  • Fit testing – both qualitative and quantitative!  Yes!  We can do quantitative testing, required for all full face, air supplied respirators!
  • Pulmonary Function Testing/tracking –  Again, we use “child incentive” programs that all of your employees will love!  They can do a race to the finish line on a skate board, or pop a bubble gum bubble. Learning/Testing doesn’t have to be boring.
  • Blood Pressure and complete Medical History
  • OSHA Medical Profile administration
  • Physician Approval to Wear

We can provide all the right tools on site for a fraction of the cost of your local clinic, who probably can’t perform the fit testing or training!  It’s all computer tracked and complete with a report that will tie it all together from one year to the next.

Contact us for the necessary information to obtain medical approval to wear, and we’ll get you going!